What belongs in a tree more than a bird’s nest?

While I called this nest an ornament it’s really just a nest, it doesn’t hang or sparkle or light up it just sits close to the top of the tree on a branch like a nest would. It’s simple and blends in but it is also a pleasant little suprise once it’s noticed and the kids and I like that it’s there.


It’s made with sticks and leaves gathered from outside, a glue gun and some eggs.

The eggs we used were qual eggs we got from the farmers market earlier in the year. They are just so beautiful and sweet we wanted to save them. We picked out a few and hollowed them out. The process is simple, we took a pin and poked a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg, then we used a larger sewing needle to widen the holes, you want the bottom one a little bigger than the top. Using that same needle I tried to break up the yolk on the inside so it would come out easier. Then over a bowl we gently blew into the top of the egg, with a little help the insides come right out. It’s a much more time consuming and delicate process for making an omelet but it’s worth it.

Once empty I rinced them out and set them to dry.


For the nest itself I started by making a disk shape with thin and bendy sticks. I built in outwards first adding larger pieces on the edges. I wasn’t super particular in the placement it’s just about creating the basic shape.

Once I started building up the sides I added on to the base to add more bulk. When I thought it looked like a nest and was big enough for my eggs I carefully glued three of them into the nest.


We placed it near the top of the tree, just sitting on a branch. We have a fake tree which makes this super easy I just bent the branches into a shape that would support the nest.

I really like our little nest it’ll likely be put up somewhere in the house to enjoy year round.




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