Halloween Birthday Cake

For the birthday cake we wanted something halloween theme obviously , but we also wanted something a little more individualized for the birthday boy. Luckily Minecraft and halloween are an easy combo. For the recipe I searched and searched the internet. There are thousands and so many of them are different, not only in ingredients but in methodology as well. […]

Jack-o-lantern Sweetrolls

I love this recipe, it’s one of my favorites. Making these and having to wait to decorate them before eating was so hard. My mouth was watering while doing the dishes as they cooled. It’s a good thing the recipe doesn’t make too many; I can’t resist them when they are around. I am not sure what else to call […]

Blood Red Root Soup

Here is something I don’t make often. We don’t eat a lot of soup around here and I’m the only one who likes beets. Sad but true. I love beets, their sweet earthy smell and blood red appearance; I love it all. Any food that looks like there has been a minor massacre in the kitchen makes me happy. My […]

Chocolate Cherry Doughnut

This recipe was a little bit experimental, I use this one often but decided I wanted to make it chocolate this time. Most doughnuts that are chocolate are baked cake doughnuts rather than a yeast dough that’s fried. They turned out tasty but got a bit tough when cooked too much. When I was a kid my mom would talk […]