October 31st

It’s Halloween, we made it. Happy Halloween! Merry Samhain And to some Happy Birthday! Today, Halloween is a great day and we are lucky in these days to get to spend it with some family. Today was action packed! So much fun. Last night we finished up all the treats for today. Most of the scraps from the Jack-o-lantern cake […]

Halloween Season

Halloween is only days away, 2 sleeps we tell the kids. The costumes are ready, the decorations are hung and the pumpkins are carved. We have a little more prep to do around here because Halloween is also a birthday! We are busy setting up for the big day so in this post I am just going to talk about […]

Paper mache mask part 2

The beginning layers of my bat mask can be found here. The final layer in the previous half of this project can take a couple days to dry if it has thick points. The nose of my bat was pretty thick, so I gave it 3 days. Now that it is completely dry, it’s time to add the last couple […]

Pumpkin pillow part 2

Yesterday’s post was all about fabric painting, check it out here. In this post I am going to take that painting and turn it into a very simple pillow cover. This type of pillow cover is super easy which makes it a great jumping off point. The fabric For the pillow cover I chose a medium weight undyed linen; it […]

Spooky Bat Barrette

This project is something I have done many times. I used to sell these guys on Esty years ago but stopped because of shipping problems. I sold off the stock I had built up but never kept one for myself. Since it is now the spooky season once again I figure I should finally have one for myself. These are […]

Paper Mache Mask Part 1

Some of the projects for this Halloween are a little more involved and will span over a better part of the month. Paper mache needs time to dry between layers so starting early should help prevent the project from being rushed. We are already nearly a week into the month so now is the time to get started. This is […]

31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween This year just like everything else, the Halloween season is looking a little different for most of us. Despite this there is still so much to enjoy, and most of it can be done without debate. This year could be extra special, it could be fantastic. I find myself as the season ramps up with many […]