Pillows are one of the easiest projects out there. The perfect beginner project! The options for shape, size, and use are endless! This one is designed with two things in mind: it uses a fat quarter and it’s made custom for a toddler who keeps waking himself up by bumping into the head of his bed.

diy toddler pillow.jpg

This pillow is ultra-custom, the size fits across the head of my son’s bed (crib converted to toddler bed) it’s made from fabric I designed myself with him in mind, it even includes soft tags along the sides for fidgeting.

toddler custom garbage truck fabric.jpg

So now for the shameless plug! This fabric is a fat quarter ordered from spoonflower, which has thousands of designs for sale by different artists and the option to make your own custom ones. I have a small but growing collection on there, including this one. All of my designs are watercolour painting converted to a digital design and most of them are tailored to the small people.

Ok, getting to the pillow!


custom garbage truck fabric .jpg

The fabric I chose is The Minky, it’s super soft and the kids love it. The fat quarter of this fabric is 27” × 18” and makes a long pillow 26” long × 8.5” wide. Using a print in a different orientation, or one that wasn’t directional, would make a small pillow of 13” × 17” with the same amount of fabric.

Making the pillow

Step 1– If you’re using a fat quarter from spoonflower you’ll need to trim off the excess unprinted fabric. I left about 1cm of the white around the edge to use as my seam allowance and make the pillow as big as I could.

Step 2– To make tags for the pillow you will need to cut a few pieces of soft ribbons, I used two different thicknesses and cut three pieces for each side at about 3“ long.

Step 5 – Turn it right side out and top stitch the side edge without the hole in it.

Step 6 – Stuff! Stuff to your heart’s content. It’s a long pillow so it might be lumpy at first, just work the fluff by massaging it into place as you go.

That’s it! If you know what you’re doing this project can literally take minutes. If you don’t, it’s a great learning project.



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