One problem I have come up against time and time again is bare ankles. Both my kids have spent a great deal of time in one carrier or another, and no matter the kid or the carrier the pants always ride up and leave chilly and exposed their sweet chubby baby ankles.

I’ve dealt with this by tucking pant legs into socks, leg warmers and by wrapping my jacket or scarf around them but nothing has been as effective as a pair of high ankle boots. Which are surprisingly not the most common, there are thousands of baby shoes to choose from but very few that are actually tall enough.

We have found some boots that work but it’s the peak of winter and around here that means lots of rain and wind so we need something with at least a little water resistance.

I don’t like using fully water proofed gear for the kids unless it’s totally necessary. It doesn’t breath and they get sweaty and can get cold faster. Fleece offers a lightweight but durable, water resistant and breathable alternative.

Here I set out to make a cute but practical set of fleece booties for ample ankle protection.

I started by drafting the pattern. Measuring out the foot then mapping out how I wanted it to fit.

I used a bonded fleece I found in the cut offs bin at Fabric Land. It’s perfect for this kind of project with very little stretch and extra warmth, wind and water protection.

I sewed this whole project by hand but it would be possible on a machine too.

I started by marking the center of the sole and the cover, then started sewing them together at that point using an overcast stitch. I placed the sole piece the opposite direction of the others so the black side was facing out. I sewed the whole thing together inside out so the seams would all be on the inside.

The back panel is attached starting in the corner then up the side of the foot. Then all around the back of the foot and up the other side.

Fleece doesn’t fray but it still looks neater with the edges finished so I hemed all the exposed raw edges by turning them under once and sewing them down. By only sewing through one layer of the fabric the stitching on the hem is pretty invisible.

I sewed on a button and marked a corresponding button hole. I cut it out and sewed around the edges with a tight blanket stitch to give it structure.

They could be finished at this point but to help them stay on I sewed on a thin elastic on the inside around the back of the ankle. Starting by stitching the side of it down then stitching over top of the elastic, back and forth to create a casing. When I got to the end I pulled the elastic tight and sewed it down.

They are done! They are roomy enough for big socks and pant leg but still fit without. They look pretty stylish too.

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