My son loves to play in water, any water; bathtubs, lakes, puddles, my glass of water on the table. Watching him standing at the coffee table pouring water back and forth between cups is what gave me the idea for this fun photo shoot. I figured if I could set him up doing something he loves and make it extra fun then he wouldn’t mind me sitting with him taking pictures; he might even stand in one place long enough to get some good ones.

      While we like to dress up throughout the year, Halloween is still a great excuse; no one questions you if it’s October!

Testing out GIMP for the first time, so much fun!

Testing out GIMP for the first time, so much fun!

    This shoot was particularly easy to plan for since everything I needed I either already had or needed to buy anyway. It was also a great opportunity to start playing with some simple chemistry. This was the first time he got to see vinegar and baking soda mixed together and it was a hit!

Cute, educational, fun and hand eye coordination practice all in one.

20201001_170658_edited 2.jpg

   What we used

The basic set up was the white board for the backround his plastic train mat on the floor, and the coffee table. The train mat proved indispensable to keep the mess undercontrol so he could play freely and it worked great. The lab coat, which I made in my previous blog post, fit very well and will make the perfect art smock in the future.


For the props I used a variety of glass containers as well as two beakers I had been using as mini planters (plants long since dead). I filled the containers with vinegar, baking soda dissolved in water, a blue bath fizz in water, and bubble liquid. I used a straw to blow bubbles in one of the jars to get things looking active, which immediately elicited smiles and excitement.

Other equipment;

One excited todder



I am so happy with the results, I couldn’t have asked for better. I ended up with 170 photos, and once I narrowed it down to my favorites I still had about 30. The plan is to pick on or two and frame them but I’m not looking forward to that task. Bottom line, I am so happy I actually went through with this idea.

I highly recommend silly photoshoots for adults and children alike.

I used GIMP and photoshop express to edit the photos which was great practice. This was the perfect place to use the over the top and dramatic filters that you never get to utilize.

20201001_171005_edited 2.jpg

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