One of the best parts of this holiday season to me is the focus on all the beautiful evergreens. With the rest of the world around us turning brown and grey the greens really stand out. We bring these into our homes as wreaths and of course the Christmas tree to brighten out homes. We live in a place however where we can’t have a real tree so I try to add as many natural elements to our fake one as I can so it still has some life to it. This means lots of crafting simple often temporary ornaments and decor. They are super simple and fun to bring the whole family in on.


In this post I go over two of the projects we did, both of them (and a few others) starting with some foraging around the neighbourhood. We gathered sticks, pine cones, evergreens, holy even some moss and lichen anything that would look good after it had dried.

The first thing I made was a simple small garland or greenery for the wall. I used a couple branches, some holly and pine cones, all tied together with saved twist ties and finished off with a bow. So simple but very pretty.


The second thing we made was for the tree.


I really like the diy clear bulbs you can find at most craft stores; they have endless possibilities. You can find them in either glass or plastic and while glass is nicer and more eco friendly, plastic is far more kid friendly.

We used them two different ways this year. I bought two different sizes and 5 of each. The first set we used the larger ones and each member of the family filled one up with our foraged finds.

This is beyond simple it’s really just two steps, collect and stuff. I laid it all out on the table and just called everyone over they all got into it thankfully.


The second way I used these clear bulbs was to make these ornaments for the seasons HERE.


Some of the kids needed more help than others but it was fun for all of them, even the baby got a kick out of it despite not being able to do it herself.

I think they turned out lovely, I tied them up with a red ribbon to help them stand out and the tree lights reflect off the bulbs making them stand out as well. Everything in them dried nicely even though they went in fresh we had no problems.




Take a look at our other nature inspired ornaments.

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