It’ll soon be made very clear that I love pumpkins. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons but this charming squash might be the main one. Most of the pumpkin décor around my house is there all year round so I have no problem adding to it.

Babies first pumpkin

Babies first pumpkin

My 4 month old girl is teething right now and we seem to have a shortage of things to chew on. So, since she isn’t ready to try the real thing yet, I figured I’d make something just for her.

“I love Pumpkins”
— Me

Made entirely from cotton and scrap linen materials, I made her a stuffed pumpkin complete with a rattle, crunchy leaf and a nice chewable stem.

This project could easily be made from any woven material with a similar structure to linen and cotton. If you don’t have any scraps laying around then any quilting cotton will work great and you can pick your colours.

All scrap material left over from bigger projects, aka Cabbage

All scrap material left over from bigger projects, aka Cabbage


To start …

I made myself a template for this project by drawing a simple leaf shape out just making sure it was a larger then I wanted the finished leaf to be to account for my seam. I wanted to keep it really simple so I could easily put in the crunchy material after it was sewn. For the pumpkin body I drew out a simple oval and cut the top and bottom flat. I marked a spot an inch in from each side along the center line.

Constructing the leaf

2020-10-01 (24).jpg

I cut two pieces of my green cotton fabric out using my newspaper template and sewed them right side together leaving the bottom open, using a zigzag stitch I finished off the seam. After turning it right side out I cut out a piece from an old plastic bubble mailer in the same shape and stuffed it into the leaf. I sewed in some leaf veins to hold it all together and add some detail.


I cut a simple rectangle of the green fabric and folded it over to sew it up, I chose to curve the top a bit, though it could be made into any shape. To make it a little stiffer for chewing I stuffed the stem with a rolled up scrap of linen.

Pumpkin body…

For the body of the pumpkin I cut 6 pieces of fabric total, 3 of each colour of linen. I sewed a dart to the marked spot on both sides of each piece and pressed it flat to help it look smoother in the end.

Then I joined each piece, lining up the seams of the darts at the bottom and leaving it more open at the top so I can stuff and add the stem later. After sewing all 6 pieces together I joined the first and last one together and zigzagged all the seams. Turning it right side out I filled in the stuffing and added two rattles made for toys.

To finish my pumpkin I used an upholstery needle to stitch it all together trying to take time to keep it neat. I added a few intentionally visible stitches to add to the rustic nature of it and help disguise my unintentionally visible stitches.

After all is said and done, I’m happy with how it turned out and baby girl loves it. Definitely worth the effort just to see her playing with it.