Halloween is only days away, 2 sleeps we tell the kids. The costumes are ready, the decorations are hung and the pumpkins are carved. We have a little more prep to do around here because Halloween is also a birthday! We are busy setting up for the big day so in this post I am just going to talk about some of the other things from the season that didn’t make a blog post.



Every October we start watching the movies we watch every year like Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, and Halloween town. We watched Nightmare before Christmas and Over the Garden wall a few times to keep me in the Halloween head space.

Throughout the fall when the produce starts to shift and the fall veggies come out the house become full of squash every week some kind of squash come home with us, sugar pumpkins, Carnival squash, Delicata squash is a favorite. As they get used more come home until the counters are all decorated in food. From August to October sunflowers are in season, another reason I love fall. Every week I buy myself a bouquet of sunflowers from the farmers market as well.

Of course we have the classics, we had the joy of getting to carve pumpkins twice. First a couple days ago and again today. While we didn’t make it to a pumpkin patch this year we did get to scale a pumpkin mountain at the root cellar.

Every year I either help or do the pumpkins for the kids, and every year that help gets less and less. This time the oldest hardly needed help at all he worked until his hand was too sore to continue, and the toddler helped me make his by colouring in the nose for me to carve out and scooping out some of the guts. The baby even got a pumpkin that I made part of mine. With the addition of some fabric I made a baby wearing mommy pumpkin.





2020-10-29 (22)_edited.jpg

Thrift stores store things for Halloween setting it all aside until the season starts. Value village also brings in new stuff and some years is one of the best places to go for Halloween shopping. I like going early in the season when the thrift Halloween items first comes out. This year grandma found this beautiful red velvet cloak with satin lining for the baby. We also found a vintage clown Halloween mask. It’s made from paper mache with yarn hair. Smells like it had been sitting in an attic for years. There is some minor damage but it just adds to aesthetic. The mask is made to look like a normal happy clown, and has a perfectly creepy vibe.

I am not convinced that it isn’t haunted.

2020-10-29 (23)_edited.jpg

I have always found fall to be the season I am the most inspired. From the beginning of fall this year I started making watercolour cards. It was the perfect outlet to paint all the pretty things I wanted without spending large amounts of time on each painting meaning I could get it all out.


I absolutely love painting pumpkins, I don’t know why really they are just the best. I love pumpkins in general so that helps.

 I have an Etsy site Foxworks West that the content is ever changing on, right now it is just fall and Halloween cards.

Two more sleeps until Halloween. We are almost ready.

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