Baby Baba Yaga Photoshoot

Ever wanted to set up silly photoshoots just for fun? Here is my daughter dressed as baby Baba Yaga and killing it. Photos are all shot on my phone and edited with GIMP free software. All props are made by myself. Baba Yaga Baba Yaga is an old woman from Slavic folklore, a witch that lives deep in the woods […]

DIY Cute and easy Toddler Halloween costume Photoshoot: Mad Scientist

Toddler Halloween costumes are super cute, doing a quick themed photoshoot can save those memories for life. Creating a toddler Halloween costume photoshoot Once you have that wonderful costume chosen one way to capture that cuteness is setting up a photoshoot. Toddlers are notoriously hard to photograph, they move at a speed most shutters don’t capture. To get them in […]